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The Faraway Eyes
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Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.
Country, Blues, Folk.
Years active
2013 - present
Filthy Cute Records (Independent).
Related bands
Buck & Deanne, The Amazing 3, The Spouse Girls, Acoustic Shock

The Faraway Eyes

A country & blues quintet from Australia comprising of 3 strong female singers: Deanne Dale, Heather Johnstone, and Meredith Osborne - and 2 male instrumentalists: Paul (Buck) Buckberry & Nigel Lever. The girls live in the Blue Mountains; the boys live in Sydney. Their repertoire consists largely of Americana songs either written or interpreted by their cofounder's (or faraway-duo) Buck & Deanne, on topics ranging from September 11 2001 to Crosby, Stills & Nash covers. The group performs in a cool-headed, playful manner that is informed by the Great American Song book and the sound of Laurel Canyon.

"Authenticity comes from being true to your roots. When we were kids growing up in the suburbs of Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne we weren't listening to Slim Dusty, Tex Morton or any Celtic music. It was American music: The Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash, or any Australian band playing in an American style. That was our soundtrack. When we started making our own music it was completely natural to gravitate towards that influence which had stirred us from such an early age. We don't sing bush ballads out of respect for the people that do sing them. The people that can interpret that genre do so because it moves them. And that's the point: as a performer of songs, if you're being true to yourself you should always follow the sound that rings true in your heart. No one should be offended if that sound is in contrast to your geography."


The Faraway Eyes were created by Buck & Deanne and made their first appearance in June 2013 as part of the Katoomba Winter Magic festival performing in The Carrington Hotel Ballroom. Buck claims Deanne called up fellow Spouse Girls Heather & Meredith and "taught them 3 songs, and asked them to show up wearing country fair clothing and interesting hair." The three songs were original: Sweet Sweet Dreams, a western-swing number, Bring You Home, a song about roots and wings, and The Change. The latter took its lyrical cues from Ghandi ("Be the change you want the world to see") and its music from a Louisiana style of blues.

In the first few months the group performed and rehearsed sporadically until they played the Lawson Folk Club, which effectively launched the group and where, thereafter, they began to hone their old-school harmonies. The attention received at the Lawson gig gave rise to a series of opportunities to put their music before a wider audience. This included appearances in Sydney at The Dinki Di Acoustic Club and the legendary El Rocco jazz cellar in Kings Cross. In the words of Buck, The Faraway Eyes are still a work in progress. "We all share a mutual desire to excel at performing steamy country & bluesy twang music in quirky, engaging ways. We've got some fine voices now, close harmonies, nifty guitar and mandolin, plenty of colour from harmonica, dobro and banjo, and we're working hard to keep it all cruising along like a 57 Chevy at a cool pace."

The Band

BUCK: An itinerant beatnik busking the windy street corners of the world for spare change. Buck has delivered a solo acoustic take on the blues, country and folk in Australia, England and North America for over thirty years, and with his life partner Deanne since 2007.

DEANNE: Taught herself to sing harmonies listening to The Eagles, Elton John and The Bee Gees on her parent's EK Holden car radio. As the 21st Century loomed she moved to the Blue Mountains, began performing in Community and Trade Union Choirs and local a capella ensembles like The Mudlarks and The Spouse Girls (a cheeky thumbing of the nose to the boofy omnipresence of The Spooky Men's Chorale). Deanne has performed with Buck as a duo since 2007.

MEREDITH: After a solo debut at 8 performing "Bessie was a Black Cat", Meredith's love of singing and lady harmonies evolved in school choirs, madrigal groups and small ensembles - a joy rediscovered in adulthood when she moved to the Blue Mountains and joined Stephen Taberner's infamous community choir Easily Swayed. With musical buddies, Lorraine Vogel and Deanne Dale, Meredith is an original performer with the soulful and irreverent a capella group The Spouse Girls. Her foray into band work, with instruments and a couple of blokes, brings her sweet soprano tones to new audiences on the local music scene. 

HEATHER: Heather claims she never sang a note before joining her friend's Blue Mountains choir, Crowd Around in 2003. No-one believes her. Neither do we. Heather has contributed her warm, reliable tenor tones to a number of community choirs including Rachel Hore's Daylight choir where she met Lorraine Vogel who invited her to join the aforementioned Spouse Girls. Good move Lorraine.

NIGEL: Born in England and influenced by The Beatles and other popular bands, in his early 20s whilst living in Switzerland, Nigel began playing a lot of English, Irish and American folk music. It was during this time he heard his first Bluegrass band and was hooked. Nigel has been rewarded for his dedication by winning two 2nd placings in the Mandolin section and a 2nd placing in the Guitar Section of the Australian Bluegrass championships and also a 3rd placing in the Guitar section of the Telluride (USA) Bluegrass Guitar Championship. Nigel was introduced to The Faraway Eyes on New Year’s Eve 2014 by a couple of hippies named Joe & Harmony.



            • # Where Did The Boy In The Red Jumper Go? (2005)
            • # Paul Buckberry (2006)

      BUCK & DEANNE:

          • # Demons Passed (2010)
          • # From This Day On [Single] (2011)
          • # The Busker & The Choirgirl (2012)
          • # Bring You Home [Single] (2013)

      THE AMAZING 3:

          • # The Amazing 3 (2011)
          • # The Matriarch Remix [featuring DJ Tomske] (2013)


          • # The Faraway Eyes (2015)



    Buck has busked all over Australia, England and North America and continues to do so from his base in Sydney New South Wales.

    Buck & Deanne separately and with The Faraway Eyes have appeared at all the major festivals in Australia including The Blue Mountains Roots Festival, Woodford, St.Albans, Uranquinty (Wagga), Turning Wave, Illawarra, Kangaroo Valley, and The Canberra Nationals.

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