Ringo's Introduction
Call them freaks, the underground, the counter-culture, flower children or New Hippies - they are all loose labels for Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze, a couple of 60s aficionados who create art to transform life in the West as we know it. Joe & Harmony are probably the most popular and gifted new hippies living in the world today: parents, musical expeditionaries, humane alchemists, masters of ceremony, gurus, animal unionists, public commentators, folk heroes, and bridge builders. They join The Mamas & The Papas, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Grateful Dead in what is a remarkable procession of performing artists who broke-on-thru to the other side of "work, consume, die..."

Joe & Harmony's musical coming out in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district 2007 was repeated in Australia with The Trippy Hippy Band including "Julia's Yoga Group", "The Springwood Be-In" and countless street performances for the terminally hip of Newtown. Their recent return to the US for the Woodstock Tour, "50 Years On" sees their travels being made into a documentary being met with unanimous critical acclaim.

Other American credits include the now legendary trip special, "A Week One Day In Monterey" and a memorable flashback to The Kate Wolfe Festival in Laytonville California with special guests Tom Paxton, Wavy Gravy and Joan Baez.

The New Hippie

Future projects include the aforementioned documentary WOODSTOCK: 50 Years On, Harmony intends to write a book not about Laurel Canyon that includes neighborly retelling tales about Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash and Frank Zappa, but also about divorcing her parents after suddenly in 1980 they voted for Ronald Reagan. Joe too is exploring his life, from birth in Brooklyn New York to being orphaned in San Francisco, in the seminal musical "Charles Manson Is An Asshole!" which is currently being adapted for Broadway.

Joe & Harmony's Never Ending Trip Tour is now entering its 6th year. They will continue to sing and promote the 60s revolution of peace and love and flower power until people get the message: that the cultural revolution didn't end when The Beatles split; nor when Jimi, Jim and Janis became casualties of war. The spirit of Flower Power prevailed. In fact, it thrived. It lives on today in a New Hippie culture, in Green Peace, in Gay Rights, wherever grown men are eating lentil burgers, or wherever yoga is practiced by swing voters. That's where you'll find Joe & Harmony, being snubbed by world leaders, getting maced on the Mexican border, London, Sydney, Switzerland and China, singing the songs of the revolution to remind people, this is not a revival, this is not mere nostalgia; this is not a come back (because no one went away): This is the ongoing dawning of the age of peace and love.

This is Joe & Harmony's trip of a life time. Tune in. Turn on. Drop by again.

Joe & Harmony