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Since around April 2021, Buck's been working away methodically on a bunch of exciting new songs. The good news is there's enough for a new album. The all original material LP will be out first half of 2022.

Buck's"Song to Paul Kelly" is a nice little homage to the iconic hero of Aussie music. Please check out the lyric video on Youtube and subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with new releases.

We've created a lot of new videos recently. Here's some of the clips you might like to catch up on:

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The first new song for 2022 is "It's All Good" This is a catchy country classic that captures the ol' timey sounds of Nashville circa 1950s. Stream or download the song on Bandcamp. Check it out!

In December, Buck & Deanne released via Youtube, "Going Thru The Motions". This is a surf rock tune with groovy hooks and unusual lyrics. The video clip is an edit of an old surf movie "The Moster & The Beach Girls".

Of course, if streaming is your thing we are on Spotify & Apple & Amazon, the popular platforms. But so you know, those platforms pay us pennies for multiple plays. If you'd like to support us Covid affected musicians, please consider Bandcamp.

All Buck & Deanne songs, the old and the new, are available to download from Bandcamp, still the only artist friendly platform on the World Wide Web operating successfully since 2007.