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The Buck & Deanne album "Demons Passed" is turning ten years old and to celebrate that occasion a series of concerts are being planned for the new year.

Demons Passed was recorded at Sound Heaven Studio in The Blue Mountains under the productive direction of Mr. John Stuart and features Julia Day on drums and Brett Hirst on bass.

The album was launched at The Clarendon and the joint was rocking! Here's a small sample of the night:

Recordings & Gigs

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Planning concerts during a pandemic is daunting, but Buck & Deanne like a challenge. When the show comes to a theatre near you, this page will be first with the news. Remember to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE as well!

Buck & Deanne have been busy writing and rehearsing new material, as well as recording and broadcasting some of their favourite cover tunes like Peter & Gordon's "World Without Love."

Here's a two for one video - A Dorsey Dixon song written in 1938 called "Wreck On The Highway" and the second written by Gillian Welch in 1998 called "Caleb Meyer."

One of Buck & Deanne's co-written songs is titled "Bring You Home." a beautiful mother & son ballad recorded at Roger Corbett's studio in the Blue Mountains.